About Ravenna and Remi

Welcome to my Blog. I am indie author Ravenna Young. This is my first blog and hopefully a stopping point for my readers and followers. As I develop this blog, I will keep you up to date with news and releases and I will also be posting reviews of books that I have read and loved. I am a reader first, after all.

Some things you need to know about me and my writing style:

  1. I have a dirty mind, but I use it for the greater good. A work without humor, in my mind, is boring...I hope you laugh.
  2. I am indie because I'm a control freak--but in a fun way. True story.
  3. I love to write, but I refuse to limit myself to one genre. This is why you will see my work under pen names. I don't want my mom reading an erotic romance that I have written...I think I'd die or she would...not sure which. Please check Remi Wild's page out on this blog.
  4. I read...a lot. I am always open to new work, so feel free to recommend something to me.
  5. Ask me anything! If I don't answer, you crossed a line :)
My first book Third Eye P.I. is the first book in the Third Eye P.I. series...more to follow soon. available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBook, etc. I publish through Smashwords, so you can download any format you need from there. To find out more about my writing visit my Shop Now page or clink on the retail links above.

Ravenna Young:

Remi Wild: is Ravenna Young's romantic alter ego. If you like  New Adult Romance with heat or Erotic Romance
check out Shop Now to learn more. 



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